2019-2020 Tuition Information:
Cost of classes per session. There are 9 sessions in our dance year. A session is approximately
 4 weeks of classes. 
Combo 1 $45
Combo 2 $45
Combo 3 $50

All ballet levels (1A-3B)
1 ballet class per week $60
2 ballet classes per week $80
3 ballet classes per week $100
4 ballet classes per week $115
*dancers taking pointe are required to take 3 ballet classes per week. There is no additional 
charge for pointe. It is included in the cost of ballet class tuition.

For dancers taking ballet (levels 1,2,3 ballet or Combo 2 and 3), the cost for additional (add-on) 
classes is listed below. Combo 1 dancers may only take 1 class per week with no additional 
(add-on) classes. 
Adding 1 class $30/session
Adding 2 classes $55/session
Adding 3 classes $75/session
Adding 4 classes $90/session
Adding 5 classes $100/session
Adding 6 classes $105/session
Adding 7 classes $110/session

The disciplines of Modern, Tap and Hip Hop may be taken 'ala carte'. The cost of these classes
 is $55/session per class. For example, taking Hip Hop and Modern without ballet is $110 per 
session ($55x2). Taking Hip Hop and Modern with ballet (1x per week) is $115 ($60+$55). 
The small difference in cost to add ballet is to encourage dancers attending FLBA to participate
 in ballet class(es). Ballet is the foundation of all dance techniques and will enhance a dancers 
technique tremendously in ALL disciplines. This adds to the quality of our program and makes 
us stand out above the rest. It also allows for our relatively small dance school to present 
performances of the highest quality.  

FLBA offers Walk in classes (no registration fee required)
Dancers taking walk in classes will not participate in our performances or showcases. 

Walk in rate for a 1 hour class, any discipline is $15
Walk in rate for a 1 1/2 hour class, any discipline is $20
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Tuition Payment Dates
(for those paying per session)
Session 1 due 9/9/19-9/14/19
Session 2 due 10/7/19-10/12/19
Session 3 due 11/4/19-11/9/19
Session 4 due 12/2/19-12/7/19
Session 5 due 1/13/20-1/18/20
Session 6 due 2/10/20-2/15/20
Session 7 due 3/16/20-3/21/20
Sessions 8 and 9 due 4/20/20-4/25/20