2017-2018 Tuition Information:
All students must take ballet in order to take jazz. the only requirement for Modern or Hip Hop 
is previous dance experience. Dancers taking pointe are required to take two ballet classes a
 week in their appropriate level.

There are nine 4-week sessions per year. Tuition is due every session (basically, per month). 
Participation and payment of all nine sessions is required to take part in our performance. 
Tuition can be paid annually, bi-annually, or per session. Please indicate which payment plan 
you have chosen on your registration form. A $30 registration fee per child is due at time of 
enrollment. Annual payments made by the first day of classes are entitled to a 10% discount 
on the total tuition (the registration fee will not be discounted). Families with two or more 
dancers enrolled are entitled to a 15% discount on the lower priced student's tuition (the 
registration fees are not discounted).

Listed below are the tuition rates for 2017/2018 dance year:
*all rates are per session

Combo 1: $35
Combo 2: $40

Beginning Ballet A or B: $45
Adv. Beginning Ballet: $55
Intermediate Ballet A or B: $65
Intermediate Ballet A & B:  $80
Adv Int Ballet or Adv Ballet: $90

Additional Class, any discipline (Add to Ballet Payment)
1 class, $25
2 classes, $35
3 classes, $40
4 classes, $45
5 classes, $50
6 classes, $55

Classes al-a-carte
Hip-Hop or Tap: $40
Modern: $45

Walk in, or individual class price:
$12/hour or less  
$15/classes over 1 hour
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