Dress Code:
Proper dance attire is important in enhancing a productive learning environment in dance class. Students feel more like dancers, and are less distracted, when they are dressed appropriately. Please adhere to the dress code as described. Students should enter the studio in their dancewear. No street clothes or shoes are allowed in the studio. Only proper dance warm-ups (leg-warmers, dance sweaters, etc.) should be worn.

For female ballet & jazz students:
  • Solid colored leotard 
  • Pink tights (tan are ok for jazz)
  • Ballet slippers for ballet, jazz shoes for jazz
  • No skirts
  • Hair must be pulled back in a bun– no ponytails.  Short hair must be held back off the face with a barrette. Dancers are  distracted when their hair is not appropriate for class.
  • No jewelry for class except post earrings, please.

For  male ballet students:
  • White shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black or white ballet slippers

For modern classes:​
        • Solid colored leotard 
        • Footless tights
        • Hair in a braid or secured to head
        • Leggings are ok, but dance wear is 

For Hip-hop:
        • Leggings and tank top or t-shirt for girls
        • Hair in a braid or secured to head (no
          loose pony tails)
        • Short or sweatpants and t-shirt for boys

2017-2018 Calendar

September 5: Classes begin
October 9: No Classes
October 31: No Classes
November 10 & 11: No classes
(Observation: TBA)
November 22 - 25: No classes
December 23 - January 1: No classes
January 2: Classes resume
January 15: No classes
February 19 - 24: No classes
March 31 - April 6: No Classes
April 28: Costume pick up/Registration at the studio 10-1
April 28:3-7pm Rehearsal at Canandaigua Academy Theater, 
April  28 - May 3: Performance rehearsals
May 4th & 5th: Performances
May 28: No Classes
June 9: Last Day of classes

Tuition Due Dates:
Session 1: 09/05/17- 09/09/17
Session 2: 10/02/17- 10/07/17
Session 3: 10/30/17-11/04/17
Session 4: 12/04/17-12/09/17
Session 5: 01/08/18- 01/13/18
Session 6: 02/05/18- 02/10/18
Session 7: 03/12/18- 04/09/18
Session 8 & 9: 04/16/18- 04/21/18
Photographs courtesy of Chesler Photography